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? >> see the sure-fire way to get your bonfire on. she trained for the new york city marathon. but ran it in -- >> in had you hadson, wisconsin. >> meet the woman who toughed it out for charity. >> it was so fantastic. >> plus, coast-to-coast winners in our ipad give away. now get tuesday's buzz word for your chance and witness the great bug guy prank at the beach. >> nothing like a bunch of guys getting together for a dirt bike in the woods. >> that's a bunch of guys. >> i got to warn you, this one is going to be a little tough to watch. >> down he goes. >> you guys see what made him fall? >> no. >> it looked like he almost hit into his buddy. >> he hit something. took him down. >> watch what takes him out. >> mother [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> great, awesome. >> where is it going? is it stuck in his head? >> he's got a stick impaled in his cheek. >> there's blood on his gear? >> he was wearing a full-face helmet. >> he takes the camera off his helmet and takes his helmet off to get a better look. >> oh no! >> it's in his face. it's in his face. >> where is it coming out? does it come out? >
. almost a million people still without power this morning in the new york city area where overnight temperatures fell to the 30s. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is urging those without power to go to a shelter. city officials are handing out 25,000 blankets to those who refuse to leave their homes. >> i have no power. no generator but my house is intact. i won't have power for a week or so. >> most schools in new york city are scheduled to reopen tomorrow. a week after the storm hit. many students have trouble getting to school due to the shortage of gas and disruption to public transportation. janetny pal ton know -- janet napolitano is scheduled to visit new jersey. gas is rationing in that state. the storm is being blamed for 23 deaths in new jersey and 107 deaths nation-wide. >>> there are no signs this morning of a man who disappeared from a peninsula mental health facility. 67-year-old kenneth morrison was reported seen at second street. he is described as 5'7", 220 pounds with gray hair and a beard. >>> a richmond firefighter is recovering this morning after suffering
and businesses are still without power in new york city and on long island and a million are without power in new jersey. and that is causing concern as temperatures there begin to dip into the 30s. >> everyone is working as hard as they can. we have an enormous amount of city employee whose have been working 27 -- 24/7. >> most of new york city's schools are set to reopen tomorrow. that storm led to the cancellation of the new york city marathon which was set for today. coming up, how tens of thousands of runners spent their day instead. >> pg&e sent more trucks to the east coast. a truck being loaded from a military cargo plane. this is the third shipment of trucks to the region. you can go to for informatn on how to help the victims of the east coast storm. look under hot topics on the home page. >>> firefighter suffered a back injury while battling a two- alarm fire. the flames broke out at 8:00 p.m. investigators say four units caught fire. when firefighters arrived the building was engulfed in flames. >>> a man struck and killed by a muni friday has been identified tonight. san
is connected to tuesday's u.s. presidential election. >>> and new york city police detectives finally interview the nanny accused of killing two young children. what happened right after the meeting ended? . >>> with less than three days until election day both president obama and mitt romney crisscrossed the country in an all out sprint towards the finish line. >> we have almost forgotten what a real recovery looks like and what americans can achieve when we limit government instead of the limiting the dreams of our fellow americans and that is about to change. [ applause ] >> romney ended his day in colorado, but i started across the country in new hampshire and then appeared in iowa and ohio. polls show mitt romney and president obama running neck- and-neck. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy, not changed. refusing to answer questions about details of your policies until after the election, that has definitely not changed. >> president had some star power, singer john mellencamp and kate walsh opened for him in iowa and singer katy perry appeared. >>> there were long
across the northeast. in 1821 a hurricane hit new york city and the flooding was so severe that the east and hudson rivers merged. flooding lower manhattan up to canal street. another hurricane wiped away a resort island off the rocaway. dozens of hurricanes and tropical storms have created havoc across new york and new jersey. one of them was in 1992. here is faith banters report. >> reporter: in a city that has seen just about anything, most new yorkers have never seen anything like this. this is fdr drive on new york's east side completely under water. rescue workers have to dawn scuba gear to rescue people. walking was just as hazardous with winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour in this torrential rainfall. the fierce storm closed down the staten island ferry, the statute of liberty and the subway system. most commuters trains were stopped in their tracks or delayed stranding hundreds of thousands in the city. even new york's laguardia airport sucomb to mother nature's wrath. >> we have a mess. >> reporter: the entire atlantic seaboard got pounded by hurricane like winds of up to 90
in new york city may have a really hard time casting a ballot. polling locations in all fife of the new york city burros have been relocated or combined as a result of that big storm. >>> also new this morning a small earthquake hit a part of new jersey still recovering from super storm sandy. it was a magnitude 2.0 quake. it was centered in ringwood new jersey which is still dealing with down trees and power outages. it didn't cause any real damage some people did hear a loud boom. the last time the quake of that size hit new jersey was back in 2010. >>> it is back to school, back to work for millions of people in the new york and new jersey area today. for the first time since that pig storm. could be really hard commuting into the city. many public transit routes still have no service and gas really hard to find. 80% of new york city subway system though has reopened. new york city mayor bloomberg said he will be joining thousands of commuters and he will ride the subway to work. >>> muni will relive part of its history as it celebrates its 100 birthday. vintage streetcars, cable car
people in new york city say they are not getting enough of. >> and the first polls opened just 30 hours from now. how the presidential candidates are spending the remaining hours ahead of tuesday's election. >>> happening now reality tv has come to the silican valley. bravo has tech workers trying to make it big. debora villalon has the news. >> reporter: invited guests have finished screening the pilot. it's a show about silican valley but tonight's hoopla is in san francisco. >> what are your favorite mels. >> reporter: the show stars answered questions. shooting the new series start- ups, silican valley. >> it's this sensation, apple, twitter, facebook, google, every single one of these companies started within 30 miles of where i'm sitting right now, that's insane. >> reporter: what's insane is a show portraying high tech with a cast too white, too attractive and too prone too party. >> i feel people that are in tech that aren't nerdty. >> reporter: jersey shore meets start-up glam. zuckerberg says the success of the film's social network about her brother and social network opened
was not involved. new york city has already approved a plan to repair schools and hospitals. 23 schools and two city owned hospitals remain chosed. volunteers have filled a baseball shed with 97 boxes of supplies including blankets and diapers. and the man who organized it was devastated to see the devastation from hurricane sandy. >> i have spent a lot of my time here as a child, it is horrible to see this. i had to get involved. >> they are getting some much immediate needed reservations and it was approved by voters in june and defendants of the coit family and hitch connect donated -- hitch cox donated the money to the tower. >> i always want to make sure i am respectful and cognizant to everybody here. >> they were painted during the depression and they are now in the process of restoring them. >>> it would limit alcohol permits in one neighborhood. david chu was trying to keep more liquor stores from opening on polk street. there are already 6 of them on a long stretch of polk. many are complaining about the nightlife. the meeting will be at the library. >>> black friday is becoming more
to make sure everybody can vote. >> voters in new york city can have a tough time. polling locations at all five of the boroughs have been relocate order combined. >>> and they had a small earthquake in new jersey, it was a magnitude 2.0 quake. while the quake didn't cause a lot of damage, some people did hear a loud boom. the last time they had a quake that size in that area was about 2010. >>> it is back to school, back to work for millions of people in the new york and new jersey area today for the first time since the big storm. and it could be a really tough commute into new york. a lot of public transit routes are still out of service and gas supplies are very short. you are looking at some new video we just got into our newsroom from the lincoln tunnel. there's good news, 80% of new york city's subway system has reopened. >>> muni is celebrating 100 years of service in the bay area and for the rest of the week, you can expect to see vintage street cars, cable cars, buses and trolley buses. you may get a chance to ride one. several cars are running between the f line and the ca
's been getting a bit cold are lately. it left 170 people dead worldwide. >>> new york city marathon will not run tomorrow. the mayor canceled the race after mounting criticism. many that are still recovering super storm sandy were angry claiming that the race would drain resources that should be used to help with the recovery efforts. >>i think it's a good decision. i'm much better off than most people. i don't have a power. but my house is intact. but the resources that are used for the marathon should be used for people that are less fortunate. >> we're angry. we spent thousands of dollars for our family and hotel rooms and airline tickets. it's not just one runner, they usually have a support group. so that includes two, three four and in case seven people flew here. >> there will not be another new york city marathon still next year. >>> beer make are anheuser- busch is helping those impacted by super storm sandy. they've putting fresh drinking water in millions of cans. some cases are on the way to distribution seniors in new york and new jersey the company has donated more tha
. her arrest in new york city and the separate charges she faces here in california. >> it's surprising, it's really surprising and kind of scary. >>> but up first a woman attacked inside her own home. how she scared off her attacker and why police believe it may be linked to other cases. @ ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >>> a palo alto woman she had a frightening encounter earlier today. police say someone entered her locked apartment when she was sound asleep with the intention of sexually assaulting her. paul ruben tills us how the woman reacted. >> reporter: palo alto police say they might step up patrol and staffing after a home invasion last night. it happened at this apartment complex off of hawthorn avenue. the victim, a stanford graduate was inside her h
a woman in the face at a new york city nightclub. >>> today on channel 2 at 5, we're on storm watch again. the places that could get the hardest rain, plus the forecast for your neighborhood. we're always here for you. thank you for trusting us for your news.
this picture in new york city. that is a new york city police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man in times square. the officer went to a store and spent $75 to buy those boots. the picture was posted tuesday night on the nypd facebook page. getting thousands of comments, including one who said an officer and a gentleman. >> he had boots in his hands and i heard him say i have these boots for you. let's take care of you. honestly what i think is his mom did something right. >> we checked facebook, so far it got 417,000 "likes." the officer said he keeps the receipt in his vest to remind him that sometimes people have it worse. >>> some of the nation's biggest retailers are reporting weak sales this month. strong weekend sales weren't enough. 18 retailers reported sales through last saturday that were up compared with a year ago and that is below the anticipated forecast. >>> tomorrow marks the end of hurricane season. this year's hurricane season produced 19 named storms. that is tied for third most on record. the average is 12. we are showing you damage brought by superstorm s
the state's job is to move from saving lives to rebuilding. >> in new york city commuters struggled to return to work. some service has been restored but 9 subway lines remain shut down today. passengers had to wait in long lines to catch a bus and many walked in. much of manhattan remains in the dark and on staten island they continue to search for two little boys who were swept away. >> some are calling for a sea barrier for new york. some warned for years. one professor has designed a wall which he says could be built for $6 billion. long before sandy, new york city officials have been looking at ways to prepare for a storm surge. >>> you probably heard unbelievable stories from back east when it comes to superstorm sandy but now you can see and hear the strength of sandy for yourself. >> oh, my god! >> our trees. >> coming up, see the rest of this tape, including more tumbling trees. >> the relief effort continued today. news channel 5's ken p ken joins us now. >> reporter: answer the call of others so that they may prevail. the base commander says the call has come in and help
now received the endorsement of new york city mayor michael bloomberg an independent. he is endorsing president obama because the president's leadership on climate change. meanwhile mitt romney begins today with a campaign event in wisconsin before he too moves on to ohio. tonight romney will appear with paul ryan at a rally in west chester, ohio. they will be joined by many of romney sportiers including speaker of the house john boehner. >>> there is heartbreak for a n family torn apart by sandy. the bodies of two young boys were found in the marsh. coming up the mother says no one answered about her calls for help. >>> well, today is the day many apple fans have been waiting for. delivery of the knew ipad mini. u.s. apple stores will deliver them to people who placed early orders. many placed last week. it's a little more expensive than many expected with a starting price of $329. >>ll ght looks like i might get one. >> i think everyone in my house wants one. >>> let's go see what the roads are like. sal, how does it look? >> on friday it always looks better. doesn't it? >> yeah. >>
public transit routes still without of service and gas hard to get. 80% of new york city subway system has now reopened. new york mayor michael bloomberg says he's planning to join thousands of commuters by taking the subway to work. >>> muni is celebrating 100 years of service in the bay area and for the rest of the week you can expect to see vintage streetcars, cable cars, buses, trolley coaches, you may even get the chance to ride one. several vintage streetcars will operate this week on the f-line between the castro district and fisherman's wharf. keep an eye out for memorabilia on display from muni's early years as well. the streetcar festival lasts until sunday. >> that sounds interesting. >>> time now 5:07. sal is back. can you help the folks on the east shore, sal? >> no. okay all right. since you asked so nice, dave yes, i can. i can help everyone. we're off to a nice start on this monday as you drive around the bay area on 80 westbound and getting out. i can't help you if you don't want monday to be here. unfortunately it is here. at least we will have nice weather. steve wil
to power outages or storm damage. >>> sunday's new york city mayor none was canceled today. new york city mayor michael bloomberg made the announcement just hours after he promised the race would go on despite the damage. estimated 40,000 runners from around the world had been expected to take part in that marathon. the race had been scheduled to start in staten island, which is one of the hardest hit areas from this week's storm. >>> and in 7 minutes, staten island residents say they have been left behind in relief efforts, and we asked california senator barbara boxer about what's being done, and if help is getting to those that need it. >>> four days before the election, new unemployment numbers are out, and economists say they show the economy is growing slowly, but consistently. according to the labor department, employers $171,000 jobs in october, but the unemployment rate rose from 7.9, to 7.9%, previously, it was 7.8 in september. more people started looking for work. labor secretary says the numbers show a rebound in consumer confidence. >>> today's jobs report was the last major
anger management classes. >> new york city is helping many victims still recovering from the storm but they have a happy thanksgiving. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. >>> up in the gold country, a third person has died from eating poisonous mushrooms. a caretaker at an elder care facility picked the mushroom in the backyard and used them to make soup, not knowing they were tedly. late -- deadly. there's a health advisory this morning in san francisco, sex of a popular beach are off limits. tara is here to explain how much the recent storms are -- how the recent storms are causing problems. >> reporter: the lab results are due back today, and that should indicate whether people can go back in the water, but
likes a good parade unless your personal information gets exposed. the big mistake made in new york city on thanksgiving. >>> and the ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch all of our newscasts live, plus traffic, weather, and breaking news anytime, anywhere. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >>> today jim harbaugh spoke, and he didn't commit, but you get the feeling that it's going to be colin kaepernick. >> colin kaepernick, he can do no wrong, as it is right now, winning his second consecutive start. did it in a tough location, down in new orleans in that dome. there are the two of them on the sidelines yesterday. kaepern
. >> and that historic storm may have changed the jersey shoreline forever. there is some good news from new york city this morning. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starting right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. >> it's thursday, november 1st. we start with an investigation into a frightening halloween night accident in santa rosa. two children were hit by a car while trick or treating in the rain. we are live to explain what happened. >> reporter: good morning. those two kids, four and ten expected to survive the injuries from the accident but it happened here. i want to give you a look at this scene. this is a fast road. we have seen the traffic moving by. the trick or treaters were trying to get from one neighborhood to the next. they were already in the crosswalk when the adult saw a car coming northbound on this road. they tried to stop the kids but they went through the crosswalk and that's when they were hit. let me show you video from what it looked like after the accident to show you the conditions. it was raining at the time of the accident
the world famous new york city marathon. why the mayor believes it must be run this sunday even though the city struggles to recover from sandy. >>> twist in an east bay sex abuse lawsuit. the surprising response from the defendants. >>> good morning, ons richmond bridge traffic is moving along -- on the richmond bridge traffic is moving along nicely. >>> we are mostly fair skies today. a few high clouds. same for sad saturday. a big uniform one. it will be sunny and warm we'll carry that into monday. >> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:44. the october jobs report came out. the economy added 171,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9%. it was 7.8% in september. also we're live this morning these are live pictures of a group of walmart workers protesting in richmond. this is from hill top mall road. the signs out there is a grand reopening is scheduled today. the protestors accuse walmart of ignoring complaints of employee discrimination and harassment. >>> police in fair field
. authorities say rail lines in to new york city running but the storm has caused the canceling of more than 600 flight across the country today. >>> and call ahead if you or someone you know is flying today. sfo said 11 arrivals have been canceled, six from jfk and two from philadelphia. one departure for newark was canceled and there may be more later today. so far the volume is lighter than yesterday when the storm canceled 31 flights to and from the bay area. >> well a lot has happened over the past couple hours with the first reports of rainfall in the north bay. right now we have a lot of cloud cover and rain drops from the clouds as well. live storm tracker 2 radar confirms that. you can see the coverage with the live doppler sweep. those greens at least indicate moderate downpours, yellows and reds link up with heavier rain. you will notice this action already moving out to san francisco. this is a quick mover but some strong -- strong winds around 15 to 20 miles an hour and heavier rain across the bay bridge. you can see precipitation -- nearly a three quarters inch an hour. we will co
, smart phone or tablet. go to ktvu. com and click on the "live streaming" button. . >>> new york city nanny accused of fatally stabbing two young children of a former bay area couple have been indicted by a grand jury. she is facing murder charges in the death of six-year-old lucic a and her two-year-old brother. ortega had been their nanny for two years. they moved to new york from san francisco after their father left his job at yahoo for a job at c nbc. >> >> a stun gun involved in the charges against -- >> garcia-torres set to be arraigned next month for alenned kidnapping attempts at safeway parking lot back in 2009. one of the victims told us that her attracter used a stun gun. garcia-tomas roman rose was 17 at the time, but we are told he will be charged as an adult. -- . >>> 30-year-old -- two others suing the district saying administrators ignored signs they were being abused by teachers back in the 1990s. >> >> today, california held it's first auction for pollution credit in the ambitious program where the state sets limits on industrial polluters. those that exceed the cap
the stormy weather relm it is as you can see sunny, over 50 degrees there in new york city. in addition to people along the parade route 50 million people watched the festivities on tv. >>> a thanksgiving tradition that has nothing to do with turkey begins today. the san francisco auto shop is at mosconi stir that features 800 cars and you will have a chance to drive 40 of those cars, it is the first time that opportunity has been offered. the show runs through monday. >>> we have posted more details about the show on our website. go to and look under hot topics for the web links section. >>> muni riders will soon be able to find out about delays on their route by checking their smart phone. muni says it is testing a smart phone app called muni plus that will offer a realtime service map and transit alternatives. muni says bugs with the app are still being worked out and will not be ready until at least february. >>> coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. the mars rover curiosity has made a major discovery on the red planet. ktvu health and science editor john fowler will ha
individuals trying to kill him. >> and both are held without bail. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a new york city nanny pleaded not guilty in the fate of stabbings of two children in her care. they entered the plea while still in the hospital. police say she stabbed herself after killing 6-year-old latchia and 2-year-old leo crim last month. the crim family lived in san francisco before moving to manhattan. the children's father was previously an executive in yahoo! at sunnyvale. >>> ceshed parents -- concerned parents are meeting. last month a convicted child molester was able to work in a child's festival. the parish priest resigned an the catholic bishop apologized for the incident. >>> meanwhile, who used to police officer at the parish is facing new allegations of abuse. >> the san jose, claims he was abused by father for years starting when he was 10-year- old. it is the second lawsuit, involving fleckinger. >>> a federal judge sentenced former campaign treasurer in -- for eight years. and kennedy pleaded dpilty from male in march. they say she used the money to pay her mortgage the and per
on a large train like this one. locomotives are pulling 41 refrigerated cars to new york city loaded with about a half million gallons of orange juice. the train -- this video is a really awesome time lap of that over 1200 mile journey. the train starrestarts in brade florida, through the trees and low-lying areas into towns and cities. >> this is from the conductor's point of view. >> yep. normally takes about 48 hours. in this video, about 20 two minutes. >> i love this guy. he stops, cleans off the lens of the camera, train keeps going and eventually makes his way into jersey city, new jersey. the amount of orange juice they're carrying on the train is enough to give every new yorker one glass of juice. >> how sweet. >> a lot of orange juice. >> and it's cold and flu season. good to get the vitamin c. >>> that's it for our show. thanks for spending time with us and we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
'm just literally driving my car, and i see this moron. these are the things that go on in new york city. >> you got to love the accent and the attitude, though. i feel like i'm at dinner at home. get a real job. >> brilliance at its best. >>> i'm sure you would probably say that september 11th, 2001, changed our world. but if you ever wondered how the afghans feel about 9/11, joining me is a man named adam, who went into afghanistan to talk to local people. the film crew takes images from 9/11 and show those images to the locals. >> we're just working in our fields. we don't know anything else about the world. >> they don't recognize the images. they say, we just tend to our fields. the crew says, okay, these are farmers. let's go to the elders. they discovered while making this short film that around 92% of the people in afghanistan have no idea why american troops are 9/11 -- even in their country. as we withdraw troops, the majority of the people will still have no idea why we were there. >> what they'll know is that we were there fighting in their fields. they won't know why. >> i w
amount of flooding. all this video shot by mike. unfortunately now hoboken, new york city and much of the northeast battered by a nor'easter. we've got mike joining us "right this minute." tell us what it's like there in hoboken after this flooding and now after the snowstorm. >> right now things are kind of getting back to normal but the snowstorm did throw a wrench into the plans. i saw a tweet from the mayor that last night 38 trees in our town came down. but considering the things that i saw, that you can see on that video, we feel pretty fortunate here in my apartment. some people lost their entire apartment to the water damage. >> any of your favorite spots damaged and wiped away? >> not that they can't recover from but there is significant damage. i was at my buddy's place and i walked in and the smell was just awful. he lives on the first floor. his basement really flooded to the ceiling. it was almost his apartment. even walking down the sidewalks in hoboken, trash everywhere, gutted apartments laying on the sidewalks. >> mike, the ups truck video got a lot of attention on
the winner in each state as the results were coming in. that fame the symbol of new york city was it will up in blue after president obama was reelected. >>> the u.s. senate is is more blue this morning. california among others has reelected senator dianne feinstein to a fourth term. she defeated little known republican elizabeth emken of danville. feinstein was very emotional. she hugged her family during the victory party in san francisco. while her landslide victory was predicted she did become a bit emotional when her grandmother introduced her on stage. >> you have no idea what that introduction meant to me. and how emotional it is and how very wonderful it is to have you as my granddaughter. >> thank you. >> so thank you. >> i love you. >> 78-year-old senator feinstein raised more than $9 million. >>> voters decided not to shake up congress last night despite approval ratings that are in the gutter. republicans will keep control of the house, democrats maintain their majority in the senate. ktvu alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the political landscape emerging this
what it looked like at macy's in new york city at the stroke of midnight, and how many people jammed into that store. 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óioy >>> the black friday shopping craze is certainly a coast to coast phenom man. thousands packed the square in new york city for the opening of the macy's store. take a look. more than 800 macy's stores across the country will stay open for 23 straight hours for those black friday sales. >>> for most of us, when we get cold, we put on a coat, but not every has a coat, and that's why ktvu is sponsoring a coat drive. rita kicks off our coverage. those coats still coming in? >> reporter: they are. a little slower now, but we've had a gorgeous day out here. girls, how many coats? >> 1,374! >> reporter: 1,374 coats. that's more than double what we had out here this time last year. with me right now is sandy from city team international in san jose. we kind of have this friendly rivalry between reporter and locations, but the real winners here are the people on this street. you distribute these coats. >> yes, i do. the need out
. >>> a new york city cop helps a homeless man who really needed help. this act of kindness has become a big hit on the internet. >>> and here's a look at highway 21. you can see traffic there westbound slow beginning as you make your way toward the tunnel. we have a lot of trouble spots this morning. q look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> well a series of bands are moving through. one right now very heavy east bay san jose rep
stands at 74. it is running as high as $55 billion and some new york city subways, those platforms are not crowded yet. and to downtown brooklyn, and new york and new jersey are top priorities. speaking of new jersey, it is in coastal areas where tourists are spending a lot of money and we will have more on how much new jersey will lose. >>> they are warming people about scammers looking to help victims of super storm sandy, if you want to give, give to disaster relief charities and find a relief charity not just helping other charities. scam artists use names that sound legitimate and similar to other groups. >>> a nursing strike is about to get underway in several hospitals in the bay area. they are proposing changes for sick leave and what nurses call a reduction in patient car starbucks standard. and eaten medical center in caster valley and vallejo. replacement nurses have been hired. >>> police are searching for suspects in a double shooting which happened just blocks away. one man was seriously hurt and he had been shot in the head and another man had been graced. the shooti
tomorrow. in new york city 60 polling place damaged by the storm are being moved to new locations. the city is providing shuttle service to the new sites. >>> it was a slow ride back to work today in manhattan. check out these pictures. michael bloomberg lifted a carpool rule on the bridges. the busy tunnel is open only to bus traffic between manhattan and new jersey and fewer than normal subway trains are running still. and commuter train service between new jersey and new york is still not running. >>> new york is investigating 400 cases of price gouging. they are accusing businesses of hiking prices on goods, especially gas. the price of potatoes jumped from $3 to $7 after the storm. bread doubled to $7 and matches tripled to $10. state law prohibits spikes in prices for goods, including food, water, batteries and gas. >>> senator dianne feinstein, governor jerry brown attend the final meeting for pro prop 30. i am tom vacar, still ahead. >> and i have extremes to talk about, record heat today and cold weather around the corner. i will have all the specifics. ♪ [ male announcer ] start
hitting a woman in the face inside a new york city nightclub. leaving the police station this morning, she is facing charges of third degree a salt. it -- assault. it could trigger another probation violation. >>> a man is in custody after a standoff which lasted almost 15 hours. it happened 20 miles south of the state capital. joseph corey was armed inside that house. he was evicted on tuesday and when animal control arrived to remove pets, that officer was shot to death. and he was only grazed by gunfire. coming up, we will bring you a live report from the very latest from that scene. >>> two military veterans and their wives are suing now. 4 military veterans were killed and more than a dozen were hurt when a parade went right into their float. they are sighting gross negligence. >>> according to the san jose mercury news at interstate 280, the current buildings will be torn down and 2 new six story office buildings will be built in addition to the ones in cupertino. they have currently leased space in sunny veil. >>> two winners are sharing the biggest jackpot in powerball history. it
in new york city following hurricane andy. the rationing was ordered by mayor michael bloomberg because of all the long lines and short supplies. drivers with license plates ending in odd and even numbers will alternate dates when they can buy gas. people who experienced hour long wait say they're already seeing an improvement. >> it makes perfect sense. i mean, it saved me three hours this morning. >> what was your wait like to get gas this morning? >> i'm up to 45 minutes. >> the rationing plan is the first of its kind since gas shortages during the 70s. >>> and in long island today was the first day of trash pick up for many residents. in fact, the people in the town of oceanside said that it is the first time their trash has been picked up in 11 days. >> president obama is planning to visit new york in the aftermath of last week's superstorm. the president already traveled to new jersey last week. now white house officials say he'll visit new york next thursday to meet with families, officials and first responders. officials estimate damage from the storm could cost new york up to
hours ago this morning she hit a woman in a face at a new york city nightclub. there she is covered up. we just got this in lindsay lohan is facing charges of third degree assault. if she is formally charged with this newest crime, this could trigger yet another probation violation. >>> we should know if it would be okay for same sex marriage and preparations are being made for the rush. the voter approved ban on same sex marriage in california. if the court decides not to take on the case, same sex marriage could be legal in a week or so. >> they will start to have staff on hand to perform marriages because there could be crowds and number two from a public safety perspective, that would delay a ruling until june. >>> apple is adding a new work site and apple robbedly will release it and the current buildings with 2 new office areas will be built. and that's in cupertino with the new space ship complex. apple has released space for thousands of employees in sunny veil. >>> barry bonds is reacting to the controversy over his name now appearing on the ballot for the first time. bonds as
. >>> president barack obama will arrive in new york city. they are dealing with the affectings of two major storms. first the president will check out the recovery effort like he did in new jersey and he will meet with those affected by super storm sandy and that winter storm. governor cuomo will be asking for $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild. back home here in daily city, people are racing trying to beat the rain to sure up a hillside that gave way after a water-main broke. they are making sure the mud is only a temporary fix. city even nears are trying to come up were a permanent solution for this i will side but that may take several weeks. >>> a convicted sex offender was at an -- at an event at an elementary school. and he was not arrested. >> reporter: they are investigating whether a registered sex offender was truly allowed to be here at st. frances catholic elementary school. 51-year-old mark christopher shown here from the megan's law website was here and a parent register nationed him as a sex offender and he was working security at the event. he told them he had a letter fr
evening. john fowler. >>> more details now the new york city marathon set for sunday is cancelled. mayor michael bloomburg gave into enormous pressure and called it off today. the idea of evicting storm victims from hotels to make room for runners riled new yorkers. then there were the complaints that huge generators at the finish line could be better used elsewhere. the race was to start in staten island one of the hardest hit places in new york. the red cross is reporting a surge of donations for storm victims. nearly $34 million adds of early this morning but one official in staten island admits his cash hasn't done much for hiss borough and that people should give their money to other associations. >>> one thing is clear and must be addressed in light of frequent natural disasters. the climate is changing, there are more of these disaster so there had to be some adaptation. >> boxer also noted supplies are arriving on the east coast. the national guard has set up a staging ground for such supplies. if you want to help those on the east coast visit and scroll down to the hot
of the new characters debuting in this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. >>> ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with how long these freezing temperatures will last and when showers return to the forecast? mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive sri . >>> the new balloons for the mace macies a thanksgiving day parade were inflated and taken out for a test drive. this will be the debut year for characters hello kitty, the elf on the shev and papau smurf, the new kids on block will float long side some old favors including buzz lightiar, spider-man and kermit the frog. >> you don't need to get up here to see what the weather looks like. >> you want to guess the current temperature in truckee right now? >
in new york city. the 101st precinct in far rockaway was the hardest hit with zero burglaries. >>> spouts fans are doing what they can -- sports fans are doing what they can to help with cold weather gear and blankets and diapers. >> every day we are so lucky to have a home with electricity and plumbing. i just hope they can rebuild quickly. >> they organized a volunteer effort after seeing this from back where he is from. a church will distribute that. >>> reportedly people in 20 states have filed a petition with the white house asking to be removed from the united states so they can create a new government. california is not one of those states. 17 of the states have filed the petition voted for mitt romney in the presidential election. if a petition meets 2 5,000 signatures they will make a response to this. people signing this is more than 3 5,000. >>> an 11-year-old daily city boy reported missing is back home today. his father was reunited with him. he called police after learning he never showed up at the home of a friend. it turns out he went to a different friend's home. he said
restored power to 23,000 customers in new york city. >> the customers were absolutely, unbelievably ecstatic how happy they were to see the blue and white trucks come in there >> they appreciates, brought us donuts and coffee, very, very heartwarming. >> one time i'm closing a transformer picking up 40 people, the guy in the whole time in the background going god bless you >> reflecting on their mission. >> it magnifies and steps it as the priority we already have. it was awesome. >> i'm a united states marine, helping anybody in america, that was awesome, i enjoyed every minute of it. >> coach jennifer vargas made sure crews had everything they needed. >> very proud all of us, every single one of us getting there and up canning homeful i can't wait to get home to my kids. >> >> reporter: give you a different perspective on disasters? >> yes, it does, go home, hug your family, be prepared. >> that said, enough said. >>> now, students are camping out to make sure uc regents hear their voices, earlier, today, it was the governor asking the recents to rethink about positions on raising
new york city and he there is a beautiful shot, you can see that and take a look at that crowd, it is hard to imagine people are having a very good view but you don't want to miss it and all of those sewerage and water board -- water balloons, try bring a little light into their dark times they have gone through. >> yes, beautiful weather. >>> back here a third person, in the town of luminous, they picked mushrooms not knowing it was deadly. three other people became ill and some people died. >>> andres bay oyster form, they went on a tour and they raise the the -- raised the national sea more. they want a ten year extension but they say it doesn't belong near a natural parade and sierra tahoe, that resort will open with a run for ski and snow this morning. that resort will open with new pockets and mail. off the will call and it is and san francisco international car so begins today, that you have almost 800 new models are on display and for the very first time you will have a chance to drive about 40 of those cars. the show will run through monday and we have more details abo
and it is cooler no doubt about it. the next hint of the end will be fog sunny happening now in new york city. >>> clouds are forming along the route of the famous macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is a great shot. for the mace a's parade, i am trying to fight out who is the best. along the parade route, it was set aside for victims of the super storm sunday and controversially speaking -- controversially speaking, he is due appear on a float despite the resignation of the actor who did the resident signature nation, however elmo will be in the parade. >>> and an invasion, it is causing problems from homeowners and what happened, we'll seement and it is causing problems on the bay area and we will have reports on the roads. . >>> we are learning new details about osama bin laden's details about his burial at sea. the e-mails reveal traditional islamic procedures were followed and only a small group was notified. he was killed in his come noun pakistan. >>> it marks many years since the assassination of president kennedy. he was shot as he rode through dallas texas back in 1963. many people
on sunday. sports is next. >>> in new york city some three million people watched the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving parade. about five thousand victims of superstorm sandy treated to front row seats. the weather cooperated. beautiful sunny skies and traditionally santa claus and the 8 reindeers are the final float with christmas around the corner. >> and the 49ers around the corner and more controversy. >> jim harbaugh keeps saying gobble, gobble. you can guess and name your choice but according to 49ers offensive coordinator greg norman those quarterback pronouncements are premature. roman said today they will not have a starter for sunday until they learn that alex smith gets medical clearance. despite monday night the door is still open for two players to start. this is what the top nfl players got to share. a 6 legged turkey. patriots scored 35 points in the 2nd quarter including three a tvs in a 32 second span. >>> washington happily spent thanksgiving in dallas today. skins quarterback robert griffin iii hits another rookie aldridge robertson, a 68-yard touchdown. one of four t
inspection. >> i believe there's maybe one city that looks better than us on paper, which is new york city. but truthfully, they don't have enough inspectors to go to all of their housing stock either. >> reporter: which means for now, these little blood suckers could be an unwelcome surprise under any mattress. >>> and at, you will find a link to the bedbug registry, and other resources. look for the story on the special reports tab. ♪ [ music ] >>> we're getting the showers out there, now spreading into the south bay. we're coming a little closer, and we'll stop it up for you with the live radar sweep. you can see the showers now, just showing up in the san jose area. they've been doing okay tonight. san jose, and livermore staying pretty dry on this halloween outing time. fremont as well. a few showers coming. i mentioned this earlier in the 5, and 6:00 broadcast. facebook and twitter is great for weather. we can ask people, who's got rain. in pleasanton, light rain at pleasant hill. we talked to april in san mateo, sprinkles at san mateo at 10:00. about 10:00 p.m., rain on a
city -- for a spree of crime in new york city. crime's been up. the 101st precinct in far rockaway, that was the hardest hit area for burglaries. they had 33 of them. no burglaries were reported in that same time period, just a year ago. >>> sports fans in pleasant hill are doing their part to help with relief. >>> every day we are so lucky to have a home and electricity and plumbing and, you know, i just hope that they can rebuild quickly. >> the head commissioner of the pleasant hill baseball association after watching the storm damage in the brooklyn neighborhood that he's from. a church back east will distribute the donations. >>> nearly two dozen states are asking to leave the united states following last week's election. 20 states have filed a petition with the white house asking to be removed so they can create a new government. now, california is not one of those states. 17 of the states that filed the petition voted for mitt romney in the presidential election. >>> richmond police will announce the installation of new surveillance cameras today in an effort to curb crime i
mobile device. >> new york city mayor wants congress to move quickly to approve federal funding for victims of sandy. he met with more than a half dozen lawmakers on capitol hill. the state of new york is asking for $42 billion in additional federal aid and new jersey needs federal aid to cover most of the nearly 37 billion-dollar cost for recovery and rebuilding. >> trying to stop a killer. we are just finding more about the brave action of one man during that cement plant shooting last year. it cost him his life. > shocking stories from survivors of that fire. the action of managers that increased the death toll. iramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . >>> cloudy to mostly cloudy. windy as well, tempera
and wisconsin tomorrow. >>> president obama received a big endorsement from new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he used this week's storm to highlight the president's warning about global warming. >>> the victim's wife says she still hasn't been allowed to see her husband's body. >> wilbur bartly's family shared photos and put out a plea. >> this is such a sad sad moment. not because of just what's been taken from us but because it's been taken from everyone else. >> reporter: so they want answers including his widow. >> i don't have any information about my husband, i haven't seen him since he died. i cannot view his body because it's a homicide. >> reporter: a homicide which pushed howard jordan to stand with the family explaining how last summer he met the business owner. >> i'm here today to personally condemn that senseless act of violence against this man. this man was more than just a number in a homicide stats, he was a family member, a son, a dad, a nephew, a cousin. >> reporter: oakland police say bartly was alone after closing and was shot and killed during a robbery aroun
. >> gas rationing in new york city and long island seems to be working lines now shorter and people don't appear to be as frustrated. driver was license plates in odd and even numbers alternating days they can fill up. officials say many supply terminals remain shut down or limited following the storm and aaa said drivers are filling up more because they are afraid gas won't be available. >>> the president will travel to new york next week to see how the recovery effort is coming along. he will meet with storm victims and first responders on thursday. new york officials say the damage from sandy in their state alone could total $33 billion. >> now that the election is over the health care law will be a main topic of discussion between republicans and democrats. the gop hoped to repeal the act but with the president winning the election both parties have indicated its time to fine tune the policy. areas they will look at include stabilizing health care costs, and making easier for people to find affordable plans. more than 40 million don't have health insurance. >> the city of san fran
. >>> 19 minutes before #. happening now, president obama is on his way to the new york city area, which is still trying to recover from super storm sandy. you can see the president there walking across the tarmac, waving to people there. the president is about to fly to jfk airport in new york city. he's expected to get there in about an hour. flying directly out of air force one, and traveling to staten island, an area hit hard by the super storm sandy. the president plans to survey the damage from super storm sandy and the recent nor'easter, he will meet with families affected by the storms, like he did two weeks ago in new jersey, where these pictures are from. governor cuomo said he will ask for $30 billion in federal aid. and people are still without power after two and a half weeks. >>> the fda has reports of 13 deaths that could be linked to a caffeinated energy drink. the fda says there is no evidence linking five hour energy drinks to the deaths, but in each case, it is cited for possible involvement. and the fda continues to very long. the maker says the drink is safe when use
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